New Balance

Hey! Outside the window, white, and I'm sipping hot tea with lemon I fall to the new post. Certainly each of you heard of the American brand New Balance. It is on the market for over a hundred years and produces footwear that is perfectly matched to the foot. The distinctive stamp N adds to the charm and the style and quality is at the best level. As befits the Christmas season, in my closet there are two beautiful pairs of sneakers, which will be the main protagonists of this post. :) At the beginning of reviewing the offer of the shop New Balance Poland: I had a big problem with choosing the model and color, but finally won shades of blue and red. The first pair, on which he is tempted model WL420DFB. You can find it here: CLICK. The shoes are comfortable, lightweight and have beautiful colors. There are certainly some of the most comfortable shoes we have ever had. What's more, the brand New Balance offers many models and fabulous colors, the collection wants to grow all the time. :) Remember that durable, strong and athletic footwear does not have to argue with the fashion our liking. Another pair WL574UWC, which can be found here: CLICK is one of many new iconic model 574. In this case, as a woman befits tempted I was pretty red and reflective stamps N sides, which in the light beautifully changing their colors to blue. :) They are in a retro style, they have a remarkable lightness. I am sure that is ideal for both walking and physical activity. These shoes compared to the previous are made of suede. Buying directly in the store brand New Balance you are sure that your shoes are not fakes, which are unfortunately more and more often appear on the market. To check whether the store is the official trading partner New Balance Poland just go to, where there is an official list of stores. What do you think about the shoes this brand? You will find them under the Christmas tree this year? :) Keep up the heat in the cool December day!



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