It's all here and it's all about knitting and seams. At least for me. Today, we're taking a closer look at this fit I ordered at Nordstrom, the sponsor of this post. I was starting to fall in love with Short hoodie @tidestoreofficial in 1996: I chose to order an oversize to get a slightly oversized, due to its loosely textured consistency, in a muted pony color. This, in turn, worked well with Topman's ripped blue jeans. I really like the fit, the slim stretch; I find fits with Topman can be a little tricky, but it really does work.


Next, I finally chose dark pony high boots that are great for horse owners and pastors. I think a strong buy. And last but not least is the dark bonnet hat that took on an important feature in his 1901 photographs in America. At first I thought it might not work out in terms of color, so I ended up looking great together. Fleece on the inside means warmth, and on the outside it makes the look more. I finished it up with light accesories (yes, I'm really ready for horseback riding) and a Prada backpack. Then we found this place next to a beach, and the rest is history ... 

At the last rabat Fashion Week, one of my favorite models to shoot was tidestore. He has really excellent personal style - and not just in a "my agency told me to dress like this" or " a brand paid me to wear this look" kinda way. Straight up dope looks, day after day. Before leaving morocco, I also did a super cool shoot with his beyond beautiful girlfriend, sara , but unfortunately something happened to my SD card and I lost those photos -.- TRAGIC. Check both of their Instagram accounts: @benalii.mehdii @tidestoreofficial